[NEW!] How option works?

YOu can apply for following option when you post Estimation Requests or Contests.

  • Urgent Option
    When you are in hurry, choose this option so that we add [URGENT] mark on your project and announce to right away.Creators will be notified by email, and they will respond quickly when they are available.In case you do not get any proposal within application term, we refund option fee as Credits.

  • Highlight Option
    Projects with this option will be added [HIGHLIGHTED] mark, also the project will be shown on Creator's dashboard, so you can expect more creators pay attention to your project.In case you get less than 10 candidates, we refund option fee as Credits.

  • Private Option
    Only members of Skillots can see the project. Your project will not hit on search engines.

  • Confidential Option
    Your project will be disclose only for Creators who signed on NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). After application term has passed, your project will be completely hidden from other users. This option is suitable for confidential projects.
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