What is Copyright Terms?

You can set suitable terms of copyright for usage of design or illustrations.

Transfer copyright to the Client
This contract stipulate the copyright of deliverable of this Project to transfer from the Creator to the Client.
This provision is suitable when you want to use design or illustration exclusively.
-Corporate logo design
-Corporate character
-Illustrations for product packages
-Illustrations or designs for sale itself
-Product design
-Brochure or website design which you want to differentiate from competitors.

However, while you can control other parties to use the deliverable, the fee tend to be higher because the Creator cannot divert the work (unless you grant to).
However, copyright of design which have no value for divert, like logo or website, tend to be transfer to the Client.

Also, you can offer the Creator not to excersize the moral rights of author (right to make a work public, right to determine the indication of an author's name, right to maintain integrity), to save the effort of having permission from the Creator to publish in other media or changing the content in the future.

The Creator hold the copyright and allow the Client to use
This contract stipulate the copyright of deliverable of this Project to remain to the Creator, and the Client have permission to use the design or the illustration on specific terms.
Usage period and purview should be defined on this contract and the Client can use the deliverables on that terms.
It is important to tell the Creator about all the possibility of how you want to use the deliverable and make agreement. Of course, you can ask permission of other usage after the Project has been completed, the Creator may charge extra fee for that usage.
The fee tend to be cheaper than when you ask to transfer the copyright, since the Creator can take the deliverable as his/her asset.
This provision is suitable when you don't need to use design or illustration exclusively
-Brochure or website design which is not expected to have originality.
-A drawing which you don't mind even if other party use it(Creators have more sense than to provide similar design to your competitor.)
-Illustration or cartoon for personal use

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